Pink Clay Pore Purifying & Minimizing Mask 3.72 fl.oz
This Pore Purifying Clay Mask contains zinc oxide that improves sebum adsorption, removes old dead skin cells, and relieve skin problems. - Featuring a combination of zinc oxide and pink calamine for an excellent soothing effect for troubled skin -...
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Black tea Advanced Firming & Cooling Mask 3.72 fl.oz
This Black Tea Mask Pack improves skin elasticity by adding tension with an instant cooling sensation. Helping soothe and moisturise the skin, while lowering the skin temperature. KEYWORDCooling, Reducing swelling, Soothing, Calming, Elasticity, Wash-off, Mask packKEY INGREDIENTS- Black Tea Extract:...
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Honey Nourishing & Antioxidant Transform Steam Mask 3.72 fl.oz
This Honey Nourishing Mask opens skin pores creating the effect of a sweet honey steam pack to moisturise the skin.  Warming the skin when the concentrated honey gel turns into white cream, boosting its skin-nourishing effects. KEYWORDRough skin texture, Super moisturising,...
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