Algae +Peptide Anti-Wrinkle & Brightening Eye Cream 1.01 fl.oz
This Total Eye Care ensures skin elasticity, moisturising, and lightening effects, and wrinkle-free skin. - Provides the synergy of a built-in massage applicator to alleviate puffy eyes - Suitable for any wrinkle-prone area, including crow's feet and smile lines KEYWORDPuffy...
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Algae +Peptide Anti-Aging & Nourishing Melting Cream 1.69 fl.oz
This Total Super Moisturizing Facial Cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin sufficiently.  Characterised as a rich, concentrated cream that nourishes age-related dry skin KEYWORDDry, Rough skin, Deep nourishing, Melting creamKEY INGREDIENTS- Miracle Marine Water: Uses algae water obtained by fermenting seaweed...
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Bio-Ceramide Ultra Moisturizing cream 1.69 fl.oz
This Skin Barrier Cream intensively moisturises the sensitive and weak skin, enhancing its barrier. Containing ceramides, a key ingredient in skin barrier reinforcement, keeping impurities out KEYWORDSkin barrier reinforcement, Intensive hydrating, Moisturizing, Elastic skin, Ceramide creamKEY INGREDIENTS-Bio Ceramide (stabilized with bioactive...
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Collagen 24k Gold Anti-Aging & Brightening Enriched Intensive Cream 1.69 fl.oz
Total Anti-aging Skin Care 24K Gold Collagen Line-up. Highly concentrated nourishing cream that ensures skin elasticity, nourishment and brightening all at once. KEYWORDAging skin, Wrinkles, Elasticity, Pigmentation, Super nourishing creamKEY INGREDIENTS- Collagen Tripep-20 Extract: Nourishes the skin and enhances its...
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Panthenol + Zinc Oxide 8% Repairing Cream 1.69 fl.oz
This Intensive Care Derma Cream helps recover damaged skin. - Containing key Cica ingredients, madecassoside (8%) and zinc oxide, with a high content of panthenol added to strengthen the skin barrier and repair the damaged area KEYWORDDamaged skin, Sensitive skin,...
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Watermelon Super Aqua Hydrating Soothing Gel Cream 3.72 fl.oz
This Soothing Gel Cream cools the skin while quenching dehydrated skin with its hydrating effect. Instantly moisturizing, cooling and soothing the skin, while tightening its pores. KEYWORDCooling, Skin thirst, Soothing, Calming, Pore care, Moisturising gel creamKEY INGREDIENTS- Citrullus Lanatus (Watermelon)...
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